Friday, May 05, 2006


So before even leaving Canada, I went to a place that I had never been before :Halifax. On the way to London there was a short stop in Halifax. The airport is quite lovely and the woods around it are nice. There wasn't anything else to see though cause we weren't allowed out of the plane. And sunsets over Newfoundland and sunrises over England are very beautiful.
Next stop was the London Gatwick airport for a 6 hour layover. Everything was really efficient. There is even a train b/w the north and south terminal that takes all of 2 minutes. And when the sun is rising, it's very pretty. Luckily in the airport, there are lounge chairs that you can sort of fall asleep on if your body refuses to stay awake any longer.
So after a few days in Glasgow, I think that I'm over the jetlag. The people I'm stying with live next to the University of Glasgow so I visited the campus a few times. There are a couple of museums and galleries there. There was an exhibit about Lord Kelvin (of the temperature scale fame) and one about Lister, the guy who came up with the antiseptic idea. You would think that going across the Atlantic, I would get away from chemistry and McGill, but no, at least not in Glasgow. On the tourist bus (a bus that goes around town and you hope on and off as much as you like for 2 days) they announced that we were driving up the street that James McGill was born on, the very one that founded the University.
Other interesting sites in Glasgow that I've seen are the subway and the Necropolis. The subway is a tiny orange thing that goes around the track in a circle. It has very comfortable seats and the conductors stick there head out the window to make sure everyone is on, so no bags or coats get stuck b/w the doors. THe Necropolis is the local cemetary. It's up on a hill so you get a very nice view of Glasgow. And it's right next to the St-Mungo museum of religious studies. I'm being called for tea (which I think is really supper!). And I've had more tea in the past few days that in a month at tea club! Next update sometime in the future, probably after the weekend at St-Andrews.


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