Friday, July 14, 2006


berlin was great. i was only there for a day and a half as a transition city but it was a good place to be.

in front of the brandenburg gates was a giant soccer ball that you could go into. there were interactive things inside but all in german so i didn't understand how it worked. and on the other side a giant screen so you could see the games. the place had a wonderful atmosphere and i finally got football fever.

it seems that a lot of cities enjoy decorated fiber glass animals

this is the reichstag. across from it was the fan fest. there was a fan stadium, a mini stadium, where you could watch the game on a large screen. i saw the portugal-netherlands game with an australian and some germans guy from the hostel. the atmosphere was great! hence the fever.

a closer view of the dome above the reichstag. you can walk up to the top and get a beautiful view of the city and it's free! and you can go up at night and look at the stars.


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The photos are great!


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