Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lyon a bit late

i have a dream, the dream is that i might actually be able to write about all the amazing places i have been and not be a month behind. so first off Bonne St-Jean a tout le monde. i celebrated last night by having a pint of czech beer. only 34czech crowns, so 1,70 canadian. prague is great by the way!
now lyon, the time sp ent there was b/w the 29th of may to the 1st of june. lyon was a lot of fun. the first morning there, since we had just come back in the night train, mel and i had a nap while steph and sarah headed to stage.
afterwards we serached for a laundromat that we eventually found and enjoyed the pleasures of having clean clothing again. it took a while thought b/c the clothes took 2 full days to dry. just in time to be packed up for the next town.
highlights of lyon were searching for a nalgene bottle b/c the top of mine had broken in biarritz. we finally found one in the third store we wetn to, they don't have the same appeal in europe as they do in canada!
we ate at a bouchon lyonnais. it's a restaurant where they serve the pig in all the ways possible brain tongue trippes, luckily, they do have more normal cuts of meat such as sausage. it was nice to have a local specialty that you do not hear about in other countries.
mel and i took a guided visit of La Fourviere, the main basilica or maybe it is just a cathedral in lyon. the visit was really interesting, we learned all about the history of the place. from the back it looks like a lego house b/c they did not have enough money to finish carving the sculptures. after the visit we ran into the guide who offered to show us the inside of the cathedral so we had a 2 hour visit of the roof and then a 2 hour visit of the inside of La Fourviere. there also you could see the progression of the construction. in some places the mopaics were finished while in others there was only the pencil outline of where the wall was to be carve out for the stone to be laid.
another great thing about lyon is the baguette and tomato sandwiches you can eat in front of any church, you just need to bring the food along. and of course the crepe and flavoured beer that we all enjoyed again the night before i left for torino!
and if you ever get to lyon, you should look for the fresque,not sur about the name, that are painted on the walls on various buildings in the town. they are life size and some have famous ppl from the city on them such as ampere and st-exupery, of le petit prince fame.
there is a line up to us the free internet at the hostel so i will update more later. but let me advertise for prague, the place is great, you can get so much for so little money and the waether here is awesome. i am heading to berlin for 2 nights tomorow so i should get into the world cup mood again.


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