Thursday, June 15, 2006


this is not in order, i should be posting about lyon but as the previsou post said, I LOVE ROMA!
this place is amazing, like you have no idea how much. there is so much history here. i got here and at the bus stop to get to the hostel hooked up witha girl from vancouver. so after checking in we headed downtown and on the way met an armenian that lived in georgia! we saw the st. peters basilica. it cannot be described in words and we got there about an hour before it closed and there was no line up. when we arrived, there were beams of light coming in and shinning on the middle of the long main room. magnifique! we found the canadian embassy to the vatican by fluke and took a photo in front of it.we then went for supper and ate pasta and headed back to the hostel.
the next morning, wednesday, the pope was having a public audience, so he pretty much did a short mass in the square. we got there and didn't have tickets to get in ( you can get them for free the day before) so hung around at the back near the fence. then this guy came up behind us adn gave us tickets in so there we were among so many pilgrims that came from as far away as malaysia to hear the pope. it was incredible (anyone have any more adjectives that i can use to describe rome?) after that we headed to the castello san angelo and climbed up and saw the view. yuo could see all the things that you learn about in history class. it was great. so we decided to take the tour bus and as we were getting the tickets recognized some canadians due to their MEC bag. they actually were working in rome at the embassy that will be moving on the weekend. we ran into them later in the day in a completely different end of town! so the bus tour was also great. we saw most everything. from the coliseum to the vatican to the city hall and the river. we decided to go see trevi fountain. and i threw a coin over my shoulder to make sure i come bcak.
time is runnin gout on the internet so i will update soon. go oilers!


At 12:04 AM, Blogger Herald said...

Go Oilers indeed!

Glad to hear the trip continues to go well. Its too bad I didn't get the chance to hit Rome when I was so close to it. I guess I'll have to go back someday soon!



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