Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pays Baque

so i'm inLucca right now in the west part of italy. i had written a really long post about the time in pays basque but then the time on the computer cut out. so here goes. i will try and give a brief description of everything but of course a lot will be forgotten.
i got to lyon on the wednesday night(may 24) and was met by stephanie and melanie both from mcgill chem. steph is studying in lyon for the yr. that evening along with sarah, steph's room mate, we went for free crepe night at the university bar. and we had some beer. the french add a syrup to there beer to make it flavoured, so we had strawberry beer, very good but tastes nothing like beer. we then headed to the train where we ran to catch it. we got there just intime and were on the way to biarritz.
we got there the next morning. and headed to the beach. we had a lot of fun just lying there taking in the sun. and there was a small game of frisbee. we headed to our hotel and in the evening had pizza and sangria on the cliff overlooking the ocean.
next morning after a croissant breakfast, we went to find a place for a surfing lesson. we eventually found one that was open and was offering a lesson right then so into wetsuits we got and off to the beach. it was the coolest thing! when you actually catch a wave, even on your stomach it's so much fun. sarah got to her feet but the rest of us didn't. after that, more time onthe beach and ice cream. in the evening we wandered around the town adn saw an open air play near the lighthouse. it was a mock movie set where they acted out the filming of a movie.
on sunday we got the train to toulouse. everything was closed b/c it was sunday so we were really happy to finally find enough food for a baguette and tomato lunch in a park. we saw several churches and tried to see a modern art museum but they didn't have summer hours anymore so we missed out on it. but there were murals outside so we did see some art. we then had pizza in a hole in the wall that was great and then a drink in a nearby bar before heading back to the train station for the night train to Lyon. while we were waiting we played jungle speed. it was fun cause i hadn't played that game in a long time. next update will actually be about Lyon adn maybe where i wil be at the time.


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