Friday, July 14, 2006

vienna and prague

the only good photo form vienna is the one from the danube. i didn't do much here other than walk to the river one day, see the da vinci code, see one museum and eat pastries. the rest of the time was spent trying to organize the hostels and trains for the next two weeks. that can get a bit frustrating when the tourist seaon starts. why would anyone what to visit europe?

prague was great, cheap beer and beautiful architecture. you walk along a street and almost every building looks completely different, so here is an example, the details are painted onto the building.

prague castle with the church in the middle. the castle complexe is apparently the largest in the world and it was huge. you can walk around all day and not see everything! and the view from the church tower was great. the stairs going up were of the spiral type. to go up you were on the inside of the spiral, on the narrow part of the steps and to go down against the wall on the wider part. it was just over 300 steps but probably one of the hardest climbs so far. the eiffel tower was easier!


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