Friday, November 17, 2006

rest of australia part 3

melbourne was the last stop in australia. i got in early in the morning and after setting things up at the hostel headed to the victoria markets, sort of like a huge flea market but with a large fruit and veggie section (marche aux puces st-martin meets marche jean-talon). it was really cool to be there and get some good cheap fruit for lunch. i then wandered around town and got a guided tour of the melbourne parliament that served as the first parliament building when australia became an independent country (before canberra was created to become the capital). the building was really vicorian with gold leaf everywhere( it was built off the money from the gol rush). i also enjoyed the messages written in the sky (the rest of it was "lives")

i enjoyed the view form the washroom on the 35th floor of the sofitel hotel (thanks for the suggestion josh). and saw the war memorial by mistake beccause i was really looking for the botanical gardens. the next day was the beginning of my trip through the grampians and the great ocean road. the grampians were really cool, sort of a mix of the highlands and the smaller mountains in the rockies.

we spent the night at a hostel called the asses ears names after a part of the mountains that were themselves names after some mountains in spain or something. it was really cool cause the guide could finally tell me where the southern cross was! the next day we headed to the great ocean road, seeing all the famous spots : london bridge, the arch, twelve apostles although one fell down in the last year so there are only 8 of them now. photos to come and the rest part 4 as i need to go and pack for the trip starting tomorow, i'm heading to the north of NZ!


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