Friday, October 13, 2006

red center part 2

after kings canyon we visited ocher pits where the aboriginals use the rocks for ceremonies. the colours were amazing: yellow, white, red, orange and a range of colours in between. and the rock had been puched up in a way that the layers were vertical so it looked like a rainbow.

we got up early the next morning to go for a walk and have a chance to see black footed rock wallabies(sort of like kangaroos but smaller). it was really cool cause you would be walking along a creek bed and then everyone would stop and stare and there would be 2 or 3 of them just standing in the rocks. they were hard to spot if they didn't twitch their ears. there was also a water hole where you could swim in the area but we had more to do so we skipped the swimming.

we went for a 4WD to palm valley. i've never actually been off road and this was so cool. imagine how much you would jump at the back of a school bus and then imaging jumping that much with a seat belt on. it was great! and most of the photos i tried to take during that time have a very weird horizon. there were wild horses on the drive to the valley and we were going along the river bed. it was once again amazing to see all the colours. and of course we went for a walk along palm valley. the plants were really gorgeous and if you didn't know better you would think that you were at the beach. even though the closest ocean if about a 2 hour flight away.

one of the girls on the tour was from the kangaroo rescue center( joeys that are saved from their dead mothers pouches) so we went there at the end of the tour because we had problems opening a door with most of the luggage in there. so we got to see the kangaroos up close and see a feeding (just like babies, bottle and lactose free milk). this one is a red kangaroo.

we all went back to our respective hotels and hostels and then met up in the evening at melankas, one of the bars in town for some drinks and food. it was nice to sit around and talk with everyone over a few beers. so that is a basic summary of the red center tour. i saw so much more but i can't remember the nmes of all the places and there are so many photos about 450. so these ones are the better ones. and being in the middle of nowhere, we saw a lot of wildlife: emus, camels, horses, galahs (parrots with pink stomach and grey back) and of course wallabies. australia is great!


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