Friday, October 06, 2006


so it's been just over a week in australia and i am heading to alice springs in a few hours. so far it's been great and crazy and gorgeous. so as mentioned in the previous post, i was staying with my aunt's brother(my dad's brother's wife's brother) and we spoke a lot of french which was great because living in australia he does really have a chance to do that too often. we went bushwalking on a nice track just near his place. the blue moutains (completely covered by eucalyptus trees) is really just a plateau that has been eroded by the water so you drive and live on the top of the mountains and then when you start a walk, you go downhill and the hard part is on the way up at the end when you are completely exhausted! but the view is incredible and there is so much wildlife. king parrots, rosellas (another type of bird that looks like a parrot), lyre birds (sort of like a peacock but not as colourful), lizards, snakes, cockatoos and a lot of diverse vegetation.
we headed into katoomba, 2 villages over (biggest one in the blue moutains), and saw the three sisters, a rock formation with 3 peaks, you can actually walk to the first one by taking the giant stair case, a stair case of about 1000 steps that is incredibly steep. to get to the three sisters, you don't actually go down the entire way, but it's far enough down that your legs totally hurt when you go up the stairs again. time is running out, so will post later and try and get so photos up of the birds in the feeder.


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