Thursday, July 27, 2006

denmark, loving it but trying to leave it

so my time in denmark so far has been great. i have seen a lot of ppl i hadn't seen in at least 10 yrs, actually most everyone although some family members had last seen me when i was 2 yrs old. not that i remember. the food has been great and the weather too. only one morning of rain. that is impressive for the country b/c it tends to rain a lot.
i've been swimming a lot, on different beaches all over the main island in denmark. they have all been completely different. some have a lot of waves, others had seaweed, some had jellyfish (the harmless kind, although it's a bit weird when you swim and your hand hits one of them) and another beach had crabs, rather large one about the size of a hand (legs included). and i've seen a few museums, some of them are actually free which is nice considering that everything in denmark is so expensive! and of course, i went to see the little mermaid, very nice but seems to me that it is a lot more touristy than i remember. ppl climb all over the rock she is sitting on and her feet have been touched so much that the colour is now that of new copper rather than the aged green colour.
right now i'm at the main train station in copenhagen. i am trying to get to oslo. i was staying in the north of zealand (the main island) yesterday morning and took 3 commuter trains into town. there was a problem with a tunnel so the trains would stop and then you had to wait for another train to get to the main station. so i got here with 10 minutes to spare. i rushed to the platform to catch the train and then waited. i asked an info person about the train and she told me that it had changed platforms. so i rushed to the new platform. and waited. the train never came (that's my story and i'm sticking to it). when i went to the main info place and asked about the train, she said that it had gone but she had no idea what track it had left from b/c the computer only showed the trains that were about to leave.
(side story: 10 yrs ago, my mom and brother were on a train to this same station. my brother got off but my mom didn't have time to get the bikes off the train so she continued to the next station. when she managed to get back to the main station, no one could help her find my 10 yr old brother who was on a platform somewhere b/c they had no idea what track the train had gone by on. eventually he was found, but you would think they would have some way of knowing these things.)
so having no way of getting to oslo that day. i headed back into town and went to see a distant relative to see if i could stay at her place( i met here for the first time last week). luckily she was home and there was no problem. so i had good food and relaxed last night and today will get to norway. it's interesting how initally i though i would have too much time in norway and would get bored. instead i think i will spend too little time there. all the more reason to go back in the future :)
so moral of the story always have a backup way of getting to where you want to go. and always have food with you. if you aren't where you want to be at least you will have a full stomach! so i will go and wait for the train now. next update at some point in the future.


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