Tuesday, August 15, 2006


lego was invented in denmark. it's short for 'play well' in danish. so it only made sense that i go see legoland in denmark on this trip since the last time i was there, i was 7 yrs old.
i was staying with family friends in the north of denmark and one of the days there, we drove all the way across the country to go to legoland. it only took 2 and a half hours! but by danish standards that is really really really far away. but it was totally worth it.
my favourite thing about the place is that they recreate places and settings out of lego, so you can see mount rushmore and the statue of liberty and most of the danish castles and dusseldorf and hollywood all at lego land. it's really amazing. (it was good because i saw places i hadn't visited yet)and the trains at the train station go around on the tracks and the boats in the copenhagen harbour move from one end to the other. the rides are the usual thing you would have in an amusement park, although not has many or as crazy and they all have lego decors. so on the roller coaster, you see little men made out of lego oiling the tracks. and can take a boat ride where you see scenes with pirates where everything is lego. did i mention the lego? so when i get to canada, photos will be posted.
one week left in europe then off to edmonton and vancouver. i so don't want to leave europe, it sort of grows on you. but i really look forward to seeing canada again.


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