Monday, August 28, 2006

canada, alberta, edmonton

i'm back in canada and have been enjoying it a lot. it's nice for a little while to speak the language with the same accent as the locals and know the money. but the change in the gst has me a bit confused. it's been a while since i've shopped somewhere where the prices don't include taxes.
my brother was in edmonton for the first few days i was here so we went to see a movie: bon cop bad cop. i really enjoyed it but he didn't. i guess that the fact that it played a lot on stereotypes was great for someone who hadn't been in the country for a long time. we also went to the fringe festival and saw some interesting (a cappela group called apocalypse cow) and less interesting street performers( a guy doing pushups on the back on his hands).
i also went on an overnight trip down to calgary with a friend. there was a skateboarding competition in town (apparently tony hawk was around) so a lot of the places were booked. we ended up in a modern art museum, sorry hotel. very modern in everyway, from the washroom to the tv to the art in the lobby (large glass bowls of various colours hanging from the ceiling). we enjoyed the calgary night life, getting into a bar where we were underaged (it had a 25+ age restriction and about 4 different bachelorette parties. the music was decent for dancing) and then another bar where a friend knows the owners.
i haven't done much sight seeing but then again i've already seen most of what there is to see in edmonton, so i don't have to rush around in 3 days to see everything. this coming weekend will be a trip down to the rockies so i'm really looking forward to that.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger Glen said...

Hey, should I be expecting a visit from the Mad-Dog to Vancouver? Also, guess who was one of the very first people I saw on the UBC campus -- Jane Maxwell.

At 1:58 AM, Blogger madeleine said...

you can expect my visit this week as i'll be heading to vancouver on tuesday! i can't believe i've been in canada for almost 3 weeks already.


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