Tuesday, December 19, 2006

South Island

NZ is a really cool country, there are so many things that you can do here that you could probably do else where but either you would never think about doing them or you would have to travel a lot further to be able to do most of them in a limited period of time. so in the south island, i've made a bone carving, a knife, gone for beautiful walks, sailed in the marlborough sound, gone for great walks along the abel tasman national park (the water went from a really deep blue to a light clear green near the shore), and gone glacier hiking. and met amazing ppl both the locals and the other ppl travelling around the country.

this was started a few days ago, and was going to include a few photos. it still might at some point but i figured i would just mention that i did the most crazy thing i think i've ever done in my life. i jumped off a bridge with a bungy attached to my legs, no matter if my travel insureance doesn't cover any accidents associated with that. it was absolutely crazy! and cool. i'll post the link for the photos soon, don't have it with me right now. anyways really really cool! still can't believe i did it!


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