Friday, November 24, 2006

black water rafting

maybe australia part 4 will never come cause NZ is really cool. today i went blackwater rafting. you get into a wet suit put on rubber boots and then head into a cave and sort of climb in and out of water and around things and have a really good time painting your face with mud and then to do the black water rafting you sit on an inner tube and float down the river. the place i was doing it was waitomo caves and they have glow worms there that fluoresce. so as you float down in the dark cave, the ceiling is illuminated like the sky at night. really cool! and really relaxing. hanging around rotorua for a bit. the place has a lot of geothermal activity so it smells like the hot springs at sulfur mountain. a bit sulfury when you get here but you get use to it after a little while.


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