Monday, December 25, 2006

photos of the south island part 1

so as mentioned before here are a few photos from the south island. being boxing day in new zealand right now there isn't much to do so i can take a break from the travelling for a day before heading south of queenstown tomorow. queenstown is on the 45th parallel south so it's pretty far south for new zealand.

this is anchorage bay in the abel tasman national park. the water was incredibly clear and the native trees made the place look wonderful.

this is from the beach where i had a break for about an hour and went swimming. the only way to describe the water was refreshing. after walking for several hours, the cold water was nice but no one spent much time in it.

abel tasman is the first european to see new zealand (he was dutch and only named the country) but he never set foot on land because the maori killed some of his men, so captain cook has the pleasure of being remembered as the guy who explored new zealand. you can do a 4 day hike in the national park but because of the wonderful system of water taxis, just walk part of it on any given day. so in 2 days i ended up walking about half of it. definitely worth it.

heading down the west coast of the wouth island, the bus stopped at the pancake rocks. it's a rock formation that literally looks like stacks of pancakes, just layers upon layers of rock with some erosion that has occured because of the sea.


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