Saturday, January 13, 2007

australia, perth

i'm back in australia after almost 2 months away. perth is on the complete opposite side of wehre i had been before but has a lit in common with the rest of the country, like gum trees and heat and completely blue skies. a huge change from the 15 degrees and cloud i had in nz. so it's nice to be back in summer again.
i'm staying with my grandfather's godson and his family. it's really weird cause he and his wife are from edmonton and still have their canadian accent while their 3 kids having been in oz most of their lives have the oz accent. and the nephew and friend that are also visting right now are from sherwood park (outside edmonton) and they sound exactly like ppl from high school. so although i'm as far away from home as i can get, it sounds really canadian around here.
so in the 2 days i've been here, i've managed to apply for a visa for vietnam, should here about that eventually, see freo ( a suburb of perth, next ot the ocean with really cool markets), met up with melanie whom i last saw at the train station in lyon and her friend sara. and then yesterday when to the river and went wake boarding. you get pulled along by a boat and you are on a board similar to a snow board. you then do jumps by going over the wake of the boat. it looks really easy, but it's not. i managed to get up adnn out of the water a few times but would stay on my feet for about 5 seconds before falling into the jelly fish infested water. good thing they aren't stinging jelly fish and they ignore you completely. so today is another blue sky sunny warm day in australia, should be fun.


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