Thursday, January 04, 2007

more of the south island

so one week left in new zealand. it's been really cool! while on the south part of the south island, i helped out at a sheep farm for a few days. they give farm tours (that's how i ended up there to begin with having gone on a tour a few days before). you see the dog rounding up the sheep and can have a chance at shearing a sheep yourself. there was a pet lamb called stray. very cute and had to be bottle fed a few times a day, so when there were no tours going on, i got to do it. i also helped heard sheep from one paddock to another one across the road. it feels silly waving your arms at a herd of sheep to get them to not run down the main road.

another cool thing that i've done was going to see a nesting albatross colony. it was really nice to see the huge birds sitting on their nests. there was a good wind so they also flew by a lot. very impressive as they don't seem to move a muscle when they soar by. on the same tour, i got a chance to see sealions, fur seals and yellow eyed penguings, a really rare penguin. since the zoom on my camera is useless, i used binoculars and the effect was pretty cool with much better results than i expected.

the albatross with a colony of cormorants (known as shags in nz) nesting below

sealions, a dominant male surrounded by younger males

yellow eyed penguin and sheep, very new zealand


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