Wednesday, January 24, 2007

departing australia

well only one more night in australia! it's been really nice here, great weather and warm, which i've proably already mentioned. i hung out with mel and sara a bit more then saw emma, whom i'd met in auckland, and ran into sara while seeing one of the nicer beaches in the perth area. headed to the pinnacles on a day trip, they are limestone columns that rise out of the desert and there must be thousands of them from a foot high to about 8 feet. very cool. you get to go sand boarding on the same trip, you sit on the equivalent of a snow board and slide down dunes of perfectly white sand.a quick trip down south allowed me to enjoy the really nice beachs where you only have to watch out for the jelly fish and not really dangerous ones and i saw a comet, can't remember the name but it was nice ot see. the indian and south oceans meet at cape leeuwin, in the south so i biked out there, about 8 km on a really hilly road and enjoyed seeing the swell and water clashing at the spot. i hung out with a friend of a friend, karen, who is a puppeteer and got to see the rehearsal for the show that was coming up. very cool. and as no trip to australia would be complete without it, i saw the fremantle prison and the western australia cricket associatioon stadium, so i now have a basic idea of how cricket works (it's not such a boring sport, other than when they play 6 hours a day for 5 days as part of their all star games (called test matches)). the visa for vietnam also came through in less than a week, very impressive, onsidering i'd been warned that it takes about 3 wekks in canada! so tomorow it's off to singapore! a new continent, a new country and a new guide book :)

the pinnacles

a beach down south

swell at leeuwin cape


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