Friday, January 26, 2007


in singapore, it pours and it's humid and it's really nice. i'm staying in the arab quarter and there is a mosque at the end of the block. so you hear the caller when the prayers are about to happen. it adds a really cool feel to the place. the hostel is on a pedestrian street and there are shops selling scarves and shalls and chopsticks and all sorts of colourful things. it's just so nice. b/c singapore may be in asia but you really feel like it's in the western world. very clean and modern and such and efficient transport system and everyone speaks english, it seems to be the main language for everything since all the signs are in english.
so far i've seen little india with ppl from the hostel, very cool and it makes you feel like you are no longer in singapore cause there were so many ppl and traffic. the food was really good and served on banana leaves. we also visited the mosque down the street and since one of the guys is muslim, he gave us a brief explanation of the various rituals that are done during prayer.
last night was a night on the town at the ministry of sound one of the newest clubs in town. it was alright but had a lack of ppl in there, the disco floor and rb floor were full yet the main dance floor was pretty empty. and the club is in an adult "disney world" section of town. there are so many bars and clubs in the same small area. it's a futuristic building with trees inside coverd with xmas lights and smoke coming out from here and there. that description proably doesn't do it justice, but it was really weird.
not sure what i'll be up to today, but it will probably be a little unusual.


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