Friday, February 09, 2007


well after one week in vietnam, i'm now in malaysia for a week. other than the complete difference between hanoi and kuala lumpur, (kl reminds me of any big modern city, not very pedestrian friendly), the weather is also so completely different. here it's at least 30 degress and humid whereas hanoi was dry and about 20. today i wandered a bit, checked out the petronas towers, the highest buildings in the world (not sure what their qualifier is, since the CN tower is the tallest free standing stucture in the world). i didn't go up though since the next tour available was at 6 pm and it was only noon at the time.
wandered around, got lost and finally found my way to the craft center. it's a place where they little huts where you can see ppl doing crafts, pottery, batik, woodcarving. it's pretty cool. i saw one guy do a large batik painting. (batik are the drawings that look like tiedie but you use wax to delimit where the paint will go. you paint using dye on a cottonor silk canvas). it was really cool to see how he just applied wax here and there and then added some dye inside the area to add some detail to the painting. i took my turn at making a batik painting. it wasn't too bad for a first time and it's pretty cool to see how you can change the colours with just a little bit of water dotted on the fabric.
tonight the plan is to go to some tower and see the city at night. some ppl i met in NZ are in KL right now so should be fun. it's always fun catching up with ppl you have seen in some other country a few months ago and then see somewhere completely unexpected a while later


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