Tuesday, January 30, 2007

singapore 2

well it's day 5 in singapore and there's another full day tomorow. it's been pretty nice, the weather has gotten better the past 2 days, the sun came out. today i went to buy a new camera, mine is holding together with an elastic but of course i did my research after buying my camera so i payed about what i would pay at home, but at least i have a better camera for the rest of the trip.
i wandered aound a bit and after seeing a few temples both chinese and hindu, i ended up in the food court part of an appartment building, i was the only non-asian. it was really weird and cool at the same time. you get the impression that there are no other tourists around and that you stand out like a sore thumb. but as i realized later on when a bunch of korean tourists came by on something similar to rishaws, it's just that i can't spot the other tourists unless they are really evident, like the ones that walk by the hostel. it's funny to see the groups of school children walking along the street taking photos of ppl and places. they are elementary school children in uniform what are behaving like children would anywhere else, not particularily interested in the fact that there is an important mosque at the end of the street, but can't get over the little gadgets that they can buy in the shops that are all around.


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