Thursday, February 22, 2007

10 things i learned in greece

1. greece has a special alphabet which is hard to understand
2. stat mech can actually be useful when travelling in greece cause you know that special alphabet
3. baklava are the best pastries ever in greece, not as sweet as at home
4. there are pastry shops everywhere except when you want to buy some baklava
5. sunday is the day that ruins and museums are free to visit
6. everywhere in greece is the site of either a ruin or a famous battle
7. winter schedules really reduce the hours things are open
8. don't ever believe the winter schedules given to you by the tourist information desk
9. greece is the only country when entering some religious sites you have to wear a skirt (as opposed to covering your head in mosques and covering your arms in churches in italy)
10. it's a really cool country


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