Sunday, February 18, 2007

greece, athens

i'm back in europe after over 5 months away. i arrived in greece at 7 am on friday after a 12 hour flight and headed to the hostel. it was nice to get some breakfast and get an idea of what to do in town from the incredibly helpful staff. i went to a street market with a girl from scotland that i had met that morning and we got a ton a veggies for almost nothing. that afternoon in exchange for a free meal, i peeled potatoes for 2 hours. i now understand why it's a horrible chore in the navy! but it was nice to get a cooking lesson at the same time since the chef was making curry for that evening. that evening i met 3 ppl from aylmer, quebec (what is now known as gatineau) so i had a good time talking french with them. and to my great surprise i managed to stay awake til 10:30, i was only hoping for 9 since malaysia is 6 hours ahead of greece.
the next day was a walk to one of the hills in athens and a great view over the acropolis (which is just behind the hostel) and a visit to a museum with some olds greek sculptures, pretty cool to see since most of the roman ones that you see in italy always had the comment " based on a greek sculpture" so these were real originals :) then a crazy night of partying followed, with 2 euro gyros instead of 2 dollar chowmein, but what can you do, when you're hungry at 4 in the morning, you have to eat.
today being sunday meant that the acropolis was free to visit so i wandered there for a while and also saw the agora, another important archaeological sight just below the acropolis hill. since there is a carnival going on right now there were bands out playing greek music and ppl were dancing to it, very cool to see traditional dances in the streets. and since it's a national holiday tomorrow, the guards in front of the parliament building had very special uniforms that almost rival the swiss guards, photos to come at some point.
and it's nice and cold in greece, there was a chance of snow today so it's a nice change after malaysian weather.


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