Saturday, March 03, 2007

a bit of everything

i had a blast the rest of my time in greece and will definitely be going back. i met so many ppl from around the world and even from my neighbourhood. one guy lived on ampere, about 5 streets away from me, when he was studying in montreal. now that's a small world! i managed to get to delphi where the oracle once decided the faith of the world while being high on nitrous oxide (so they believe). i got to thebes, city famous for the setting of the oedipus rex tragedy, the only greek tragedy i've ever read (thanks to enligh 30). and there is nothing of interest in the town, the one museum is closed for reconstruction and there are just a few ruins but nothing of interest. so i read at the train station for 2 hours before going back to athens.
the only damper on the trip to greece was the morning of my flight to london. i was checking the internet to see if my flight was on time and read emails from my mom saying that my grandmother was in hospital and the next one said she had died. it's not exactly what you want to read in the morning or ever. i'm just impressed about all the emails pouring in from all the ppl across the world that knew her and that were very saddened by her passing. it's incredible how many ppl you meet in 90 yrs of life. and how she seemed to have a good influence on them and they on her. so for the ppl reading this in edmonton, i'll probably be out there in the spring at some point for the memorial service.
on brighter note, i've completed my round the world trip. i checked out the greenwich meridien (meridien 0) the other day just outside london. it was rather satisfying just standin ghtere and realizing how far i had travelled and learning inthe museum next to the meridien how travelling was so incredibly complicated just a few centuries ago. i met up with a friend i met in athens who was in london for 2 days and enjoyed seeing the city with someone this time around and realizing that there is so much to do here. so a little more time in the uk, spending the last of my money and then back home to the cold and the snow and my own bed.


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